How to Organize Your Desk: A Quick Guide


Do you know what they say about a messy desk? A messy mind! Sometimes boosting your productivity isn’t about special time control methods or the right music.

All of the statistics say that you’ll be able to work longer, with higher productivity! There are even long-term benefits, like reduced chances of illness!

Is it a surprise that managing to organize your desk gives you that urge to work, though? Looking down at a pristine workspace with no distractions is the perfect way to start your workday!

The Right Frame of Mind to Organize Your Desk

There’s a science to desk organization, and it’s one that is dependent on who you are. Some people will work better with a zero-distraction policy. Others like having the odd personal item or curio on their desk.

We’ll focus on the frame of mind that you want to be in when organizing your desk. You want to streamline, to focus on efficiency!

You’re allowed a few distractions here and there. As long as everything on your desk has been tailored towards being a smooth-running work environment!

A Blank Canvas

Your desk is your canvas for work. That’s why it’s best to start with a blank one. After all, you don’t see a professional painter starting with a messy canvas littered with doodles!

This also gives you a chance to give it a good scrub if it needs one. Nothing like giving it that store-bought shine.

After you’ve got your clean slate, you want to start with the bare essentials. Everything that you need to get your work done, and not an item more.

Whatever counts as essentials will vary on whatever work you are going to be doing. It could be anything from books for study, to a laptop, to a monitor and keyboard.

Now that you’ve got that building block established, you’ll want to look to the tricky task of organizing loose items.

Keeping Unruly Items Organized

This is probably one of the most difficult parts of keeping your desk organized. If you’ve got a lot of physical documents or notes, they’ll invade every inch of your desk until you are awash in a sea of miscellaneous paper. actually offers a great answer to that problem. Being able to easily declutter and organize all of your documents under colored categories is a lifesaver.

Desk organizers are another great little trick for keeping everything in order. As long as you don’t make them the equivalent of a drawer that you sweep everything unwanted into!

Finding ways to give everything on your desk a purpose is the perfect way to turn a home office nightmare into a home office heaven!

The Power of Increased Productivity

All of that extra productivity, and only from managing to organize your desk! Imagine what can be achieved by paying even more attention to your other habits!

There’s plenty more advice on our blog, from general health to lifestyle tips! Keep reading to learn more tricks that’ll have you staying more focused than ever.

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