How to Teach Your Kids About Eco-Friendly Living


In a recent survey, 93 percent of respondents indicated that they’re concerned about the environment. 77 percent said they were actively looking to practice eco-friendly living.

If you’re an eco-conscious person, you’re certainly looking for ways to conserve the environment in your own little ways. If you’re a parent, did you know raising eco-conscious kids is one of the most impactful things you can do? It’s of no gain protecting our environment today if we’re raising a generation that will undo our hard work.

However, you might be wondering how to effectively teach kids about the environment. In this article, we’re sharing some tips you can use.

Let’s go green!

Teach By Example

If there are something kids are so good at, it’s copying what their parents do. This is why teaching your kids to be eco-conscious isn’t a tough ask. Just practice eco-friendly living and they’ll likely follow suit.

A good example of how you can teach by example is to always dump your trash in the bins, especially when you’re out camping. If you’re the kind of parent who leaves trash anywhere, expect your kids to do the same.

Another example is to always use recyclable products. For example, instead of buying plastic water bottles, buy recyclable water bottles. Your kids will take note if they’re old enough.

Educate Kids About the Dangers of Not Conserving the Environment

Your kids will follow what you do because that’s what kids do. However, there’s no guarantee that they’ll keep doing what they learned from you as they grow older and develop their own ideas about the environment.

This is why teaching by example alone isn’t enough. You need to actively teach your kids about the benefits of conserving the environment and the consequences that lurk if they don’t do it.

Educating your kids about this is simple. You can show them videos on climate change and global warming. Encourage them to read books and other material on the subject.

Buy Your Kids Eco-Friendly Gifts/Products

For most parents, gifting kids is second nature.

If you’re trying to raise kids who care about the environment, the kind of gifts and other products you buy them can go a long way in teaching them about the environment. As a standard practice, buy recyclable products or products that have been made from recycled material.

But it doesn’t get better than buying electric bikes, quads, motorbikes, and go-karts. Automobiles that use gasoline are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, so going electric is a pretty high-impact way of conserving our environment.

What’s more, the number of companies offering electric products for kids is on the rise. Check out, for instance.

Raise Kids That Love Eco-Friendly Living

Raising kids who are responsible and active members of society has always been the dream of every parent. Now, raising kids who practice eco-friendly living is a new dream. Lucky for you, this shouldn’t be a tough ask. Lead by example, teach them about climate change and global warming and buy them eco-friendly products.

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