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It’s difficult to rank the greatest IPL players of all time. Just consider the several high-caliber talents who have dominated the (IPL) Indian Premier League throughout the years. The world’s best T20 cricketers have hit an incalculable amount of sixes since the IPL began in 2008, taken many wickets, and made some of the most famous catches in the sport’s history. Icons have, of course, been created by the IPL for well over a decade. Even though it might seem unfair to narrow them down, here is a list of the top 5 players in the Indian Premier League with the review of ipl live match new:

Come along the list of the best 5 IPL players ever.

1.   Chris Gayle

“The Universe Boss” has dominated franchise cricket since it began and has put bowlers all over the world in their place. It follows that he is among the best IPL players of all time.

Chris Gayle has played for 3 different clubs throughout the years, but he has never been able to claim an IPL championship. His success as an individual more than makes up for his lack of team accomplishments.

Following a stellar season with RCB, the hard-hitting Jamaican won the MVP, Orange Cap, and Most Sixes Award in 2011. Since then, he has earned another Orange cap and, on four consecutive times, finished as the tournament’s top six-hitter. It should come as no surprise that Gayle owns the IPL records for the maximum sixes (349) and greatest individual score (175*) ever given his accolades.

With his record-breaking performance versus PWI back in 2013, Gayle solidified his place as one of the greatest (IPL) Indian Premier League players of all time. He is still regarded as one of the world’s top T20 players at the ripe old age of 41.

2.   MS Dhoni

There is no doubt that MS Dhoni is one of  Indian cricket’s most recognizable players. After all, the seasoned player has led the Men in Blue in every aspect of the match for the better part of two years.

Normally, Dhoni must rank among the greatest IPL players of all time given his extraordinary longevity.

Since the start of the Indian Premier League, only 7 players have scored more runs than Dhoni, who has a staggering average of 40.99 from 204 matches.

With 216 maximums throughout the years, he is third on the list of all-time sixers, after Gayle and AB de Villiers.

Dhoni became the 1st player to lead CSK to back-to-back IPL titles in 2010 and 2011.  In 2018, he led the Super Kings to their 3rd victory after defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad in the championship game.

Due to his successes, Dhoni has risen to the position of one of the IPL’s highest earners.

3.   Rohit Sharma

It is hard to name any player who has improved the fortunes of a team in the same way Rohit Sharma improved the Mumbai Indians.

Although MI failed to win any of the first five IPL tournaments, “The Hitman” won the 1st of his unmatched six championships with the Deccan Chargers in 2009. However, all improved in 2011 when Sharma moved to Mumbai.

With five titles won during Sharma’s tenure as manager of the Mumbai Indians, the team has subsequently become the most successful in the history of the Indian Premier League. The MI skipper is unquestionably one of the greatest IPL players ever as a result.

With 5230 runs under his belt after years of success, Sharma is currently the 4th highest run-scorer in IPL history. With 213 maximums in 200 games, he is also 4th on the overall sixes table. Maybe it’s safe to say that Rohit Sharma is a true IPL legend.

4.   David Warner

David Warner is unquestionably the finest Australian player to ever play in the Indian Premier League, which immediately qualifies him as one of the greatest foreign players in the competition’s history.

The little left-hander has had astonishingly high production since the tournament started. In addition to being one of only three overseas captains to have led his team to the IPL championship with SH in 2016, he has won the Orange Cap a record 3 times (in 2015, 2017, and 2019).

Warner presently ranks third among all-time run scorers with 5254 runs, above of hall of Famers Sharma and Gayle. Along with 48 half-centuries, he has also scored four centuries over the years.

The fact that Warner’s average is far higher than that of the other top IPL run scorers is arguably the most remarkable. No player in the top 5 comes close to his average or strike rate of 141.54 (42.71).

5.   Virat Kohli

It is difficult to argue that Virat Kohli is not the greatest IPL player ever after scoring an unprecedented 5878 runs in 184 innings.

He hasn’t won the IPL, that much is certain. And in three finals, he was indeed on the losing team. But no one can dispute that Kohli is the best player in the Indian Premier League in terms of individual talent. 

It is impossible to emphasize Kohli’s dedication to the Royal Challengers since he is the only player to have played for the same team during all 13 seasons of the league.

Although the RCB skipper has had many exceptional seasons, there is no arguing that 2016 was his greatest to date. With a ridiculous average of 81.08 and four hundred, Kohli scored 973 runs.

Unsurprisingly, he took home the Maximum Sixes Award, Orange Cap, and MVP that year.

All things considered, there is no doubt that Kohli is the best IPL player of all time.


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