3 Important Guidelines to Create Effective Custom Rigid Boxes for Online Businesses


Since the concept of e-commerce was first introduced in 1991, packaging has gradually evolved to accommodate the new ways customers shop. To be precise, the way people buy online is entirely different from the traditional brick-and-mortar experience.

The in-store experience focuses on the products on display, the staging, shelving, and the customers’ sensory experience with the product being offered for sale.

On the other hand, online product selection takes place in a 2D world and at times in augmented 3D. So, customers don’t have the luxury to touch, feel, or use the product prior to purchasing it.

Packaging thereby also plays a minimal role in the online selection of products. However, there are still some novel ways to make the breakthrough and allow your product boxes to make a strong statement.

That said, e-commerce specific packaging has to undertake a rugged journey when it leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse until it reaches the customer’s doorstep. And while the industry return rate hovers around 30 percent, packaging must survive a round trip and ensure the contents remain safe during the journey.

With the right e-commerce packaging solution, such as custom rigid boxes, you will be able to overcome multiple issues. For instance:

  • Significantly lowers the return rates by averting shipping damages.
  • Cut shipping costs by seizing lighter and smaller product boxes.
  • Boosts brand identification.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.

To come up with a stellar packaging solution, here’s what e-commerce merchants should consider.

Utility and Branding 

Utility packaging is a traditional plain brown box that keeps the inner contents safe from external hazards. In contrast, branded custom rigid boxes securely surround the product and boast colorful logos, labels, graphics, and text.

Revisiting both types of packages could lead to potential savings both in shipping and manufacturing costs. Here are some practical solutions for consumer goods packaging design.

      i.            The Perfect Size Box

Whether you opt for a utility or branded packaging solution, make sure it aptly snuggles the product, it will reduce the weight without sacrificing the product’s integrity.

For instance, online vendors do not need packaging that comes with hanging tabs like the one we usually come across in big stores. The hanging tab not only takes more space but also doesn’t provide any additional value.

Using a small size box also saves you costs in terms of less materials and dimensional charges.

   ii.            Eco-Friendly Void Fillers

While Styrofoam peanuts are pretty useful in keeping the encased products intact and safe, they are a hassle when disposing of them. Leading companies are now embracing the fastest-growing materials such as greener packaging materials and bamboo, mushroom roots, wheat straw, and more to use them as void fillers to reduce the carbon footprint.

According to Dell, it has successfully eliminated 20 million pounds of packaging and cut the costs of its products by $18 million using the materials mentioned above. Mind you, green packaging is also terrific for a company’s image and the environment.  Read more the uk times.

  iii.            Branding that Sticks Out

Custom rigid boxes have a clear advantage over utility packaging since its dull and boring. In contrast, covering the box in your company’s very own colors, adding your logos or branded stickers can instantly turn it into a walking billboard. And everyone will be able to recognize your product and brand from afar.

Though the branded wholesale rigid boxes should be slightly more compact than the in-store packaging, they must boast the same visual design. So, there should be instant recognition when the buyer opens the box. It is an enticing way to improve the customer experience and make them feel special. 

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