7 Best Places in Dubai to Travel


The middle-eastern highlight -Dubai is known for its skyscraping wonders. The city covers shopping glitz and myriad natural resources.

Apart from that, it keeps various opportunities for adventure freaks to experience the thrill. Then there are the traditional souk markets, amusement parks, and the mesmerizing desert safari Dubai. The city keeps mind-blowing chances for a visitor from sightseeing to luxury.

Whether you are a highly excited first-timer or an old visitor, the city brings up new fantasies for you. Let’s get into some of the best spots in Dubai that are a visitor’s paradise.

Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

1.   Desert Safari

 When travel enthusiasts head to Dubai, they must have its conservation reserve on their bucket list. The archaic landscape of the golden dunes attracts every single tourist to its vicinity.

Enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, and other terrain activities with heightened adrenaline. People who visit Dubai for the sake of adventures, never miss out on these enthralling dune activities.

Then there’s an amazing depiction of art and culture at the campsites as well as on the colorful stage. The mesmeric sunset, sunrise, and starry sky are the magical sights you’ll encounter at different times in a desert safari in Dubai.

After the drowned sun, there is a buffoonery of delicious food and dance performances.

2.   Burj Khalifa

The marvel of UAE, the world’s largest tower, and recognition of the Emirates -Burj Khalifa doesn’t need an introduction. Burj Khalifa is the most visited attraction of the whole UAE. Whenever you visit Dubai, never miss out on viewing the whole glamour of the city from “at the top”.

The 124th deck allows you to witness the breathtaking views from a bird’s eye. Then there’s that famous dancing fountain right in the Khalifa lake that lies under Burj Khalifa. The colorful splashes spread by the majestic fountain spellbind every beholder.

3.   Dubai Mall

Dubai has recognition for not only the world’s tallest tower but also for the most luxurious mall on the globe. The shopping arena is the second most famous tourist attraction of the whole UAE.

There are more than 1300 outlets of well-known brands, cafes, and dine inns. Not only for shopaholics but the mall is also embellished with captivating architecture.

Take the waterfall of the men’s sculpture, and you’d love to window shop. The stunning aquarium keeps around 140 marine species that comprise the underwater zoo. It has sharks, rays, grouper, even artificial mermaids who fascinate the wanderers.

4.   The Creek

The creek is also called Khor Dubai. It is a 14 km creek that invites visitors to explore the Emirates from a traditional aspect. Experience shopping ventures from the local souk markets & try local cuisines from nearby restaurants.

The water taxi Abra would take you across Bur Dubai and Deira in just 1 AED. Make your way from Fahid fort to Al-Seef and get to know the lifestyle of the locales. The creek is the perfect way to meet the Arabian tradition from a closer perspective.

5.   Miracle Garden

The miracle garden of the city is manmade heaven. There are a total of 100 million flowers planted in beautiful artistic expressions. The eye-catching floral decor of the miracle garden includes windmill cottages, buildings, vehicles, houses, and dummies of the famous skyscrapers of the city.

Many social media influencers, bloggers, and vloggers get attracted to this fairyland to bless their feed with colorful images. This miracle garden is Guinness’s record holder of being the largest flower garden in the world. Keep a track of its opening if you want to be there because it is opened seasonally.

6.   Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a well-known sensation of not only the gulf. but the whole UAE. It’s the most luxurious hotel throughout the world architectured in sail shape. Witnessing this luxurious beauty from the Jumeirah beach is super exotic.

Capture the best shots covering the sail-shaped hotel from the bay. I wanted to travel, make sure to check Delta Airlines Flight. Make your move to the Emirates to witness this exquisite man-made beauty.

7.   Skiing Resort

World’s first indoor skiing resort offers snow skiing like never before. No matter how arid the outside climate is, the city has a skiing resort to beat summers. The longest ski runs of 1300 feet along with the 197 feet vertical drop is built-in the resort for your amusement.

Fight with the snowballs, enjoy toboggan run, chairlift, and snowboarding in this snowy arena. It’s a home for the colonizing penguins who gladly pose with the guests and amuse children. So get ready to survive at the temperature of -6 in a region that is known for its hot climate!


Make your holidays in the heart of UAE more exotic by trying out the aforementioned tourist spots. The city of gold is brimming with super adventurous and luxurious spots for a travel enthusiast.

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