7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Technology Repair Company

Tech and gadgets are expensive, and if you fall into the 9% of people that don’t use cases, they become more costly.

You must do your best to protect your investments, but time and life will happen. As long as you back up your data, you can fix it quickly. Whether you drop your device in water or crack the screen, it can work as good as new.

If it’s too late and you’ve already cracked or damaged your device, a technology repair team can help. Keep reading to discover the most essential questions to ask them!

1. What Do Your Technicians Specialize In?

When it comes to technology repair, each kind of device and brand requires unique care.

There are many things to learn about broken gadgets, which is why not everyone can help. Asking a technology repair company about their specialties can ensure you invest in the right people. Before you drive out of town for technology repair services, make sure they can accommodate your needs.

Most businesses share special qualifications and educational details about their technicians. These bits of info can show who is the most qualified in your area. If the list of services doesn’t mention your device, you can ask for a referral or look at other options.

2. Are Your License & Insurance Plans Valid?

When you hire a tech repair company, you will sign a contract for the services and cost.

Repairs are a serious transaction. If things aren’t verified, it could cause trouble for you. You can search online to see if the company is legit, otherwise, the Better Business Bureau is a great resource.

Make sure all the documentation is up-to-date and correct. These details will give you comfort, knowing your tech is in good hands. If you take your device to a fake company, they could try to steal personal info from your phone or laptop.

Businesses are required to register with their state. Upon checking the background of the company, all of this should be visible. Insurance plans can also protect you and the business in case something goes wrong.

3. What Is Your Turnaround Time?

Broken technology can take time to repair, especially if parts aren’t in stock.

Asking repair companies about their standard turnaround times will ensure you go with the best choice. Small repairs, like cracked screens, can be done within a few hours, but some types of damage take days to fix. This question is important if you need your device by a certain time.

If you aren’t happy with the company’s response, you can ask if they have the choice to pay more for a shorter time frame. Before you make a call, go online and search for info about similar repairs for your device. Online reviews and testimonials can also offer insight into the most promising businesses.

4. How Do You Charge Customers?

Depending on the repair company you select, they could charge you in a few ways.

Some technicians will charge you an hourly rate and bill you at the end. This is the most common form of payment and process for quick repairs. You could also get charged a fixed rate for whatever issue you’ll dealing with.

If you get professional gadget repair services, don’t be afraid to ask about payment plans. Payment plans can put your device back in your hands before you can even afford it. This is an important factor for people that rely on their tech to get work done.

Reading online reviews can also give you insight into hidden fees that a company may charge.

5. Do You Offer Data Protection?

Most tech repair companies offer data protection policies to prevent people from losing their files.

Whether you’re worried about losing your photos, documents, or contacts, they can still get transferred. Since all your data goes to the cloud, it can get moved from broken gadgets to new hardware.

Part of this data protection serves a different purpose. The other reason you want data protection is to protect yourself from people who work at the repair company. While working on your device, people will have access to your items and you want to ensure they can be trusted.

6. What Happens if You Can’t Fix It?

When you bring in your device, technicians will take a lot at things and do their best to assess the problem.

In some cases, they may realize that the problem is worse than it appeared. Asking this question will help you discover if you’ll get a replacement. Certain circumstances require more expertise and may have to get sent out to a different location for repairs.

At this time, you should ask about communication as well. If there are any issues, you want them to have all the info necessary to contact you.

7. Do You Provide Extended Support?

It’s common for people to bring home devices after they’ve been refurbished, only to discover an issue.

Repair companies can provide extended support, but it doesn’t last forever. Similar to a warranty, you can get repairs without having to spend any more money. If you’ve had issues with repairs in the past, extended support can provide you comfort.

Find Technology Repair Services That Won’t Disappoint

Phones and computers are more valuable than the money you paid for them.

When your photos and files are on a device, you want to ensure they are in trusted hands. Asking the right questions and getting to know the technicians can give you comfort when you’re missing something you rely on. Technology repair can save your favorite devices in a matter of hours.

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