Today, Instagram marketers agree that Instagram is the heart of social media. Without a compelling Instagram profile, your business is incomplete, which means you’re unable to generate massive traffic and sales. It has over 1 billion active users monthly, and most of them are following businesses. 

Instagram is now one of the best marketing strategies for businesses and brands that look to improve their online presence and visibility. If you’re still not a part of Instagram, you may be making a big mistake by not joining Instagram.  

It provides a powerful feature called “link in bio” to help users drive traffic and sales from Instagram to their web pages. But unfortunately, you can add only one clickable link in your bio. I know you think that why it’s allowed to have only one link?

Why only one link?

While scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, you might have seen spam content, such as spam links in the caption of posts and comments. Considering this situation, Instagram puts strict restrictions when it comes to adding links. That’s why IG allows you to have only one clickable link in your bio right under the website section. 

Reasons why Instagram Link in Bio is Important

While scrolling through IG posts, you might have seen posts with the phrase “link in bio.” This phrase indicates users visit the profile section to know more about the brand or business. If someone visits, they will see a blue link redirecting them to another page hosting multiple contents, such as products, affiliate links, blog posts, and more. 

We all know, Instagram allows you to have a clickable link only in the bio section, which means this link is the only option you can use to drive traffic and sales to your product pages or anywhere you want. So, it’s highly recommended to make wise use of your bio link. 

Like many brand owners, you may also have many business links, such as links for your product pages, web pages, Facebook pages, blogs, videos, YouTube channels, affiliate sites, and many more. So, which of the following you’re going to connect with your bio link?

  • Product pages
  • YouTube channel
  • Affiliate sites
  • Social accounts

I know it could be challenging to choose among them when all the links play the same role. Due to this, Instagram link in bio tools come into play to help users get more from this single link. Using bio tools, you can optimize your link in bio. 

The bio tools allow you to create personalized mini-websites or landing pages where you can easily show multiple contents, such as links for blog posts, videos, photos, products, pages, etc. They include Linktree, LinkBook, Shorby, Milkshake, Tap.Bio, and more. All of these tools are free except for Sorby. 


Linktree is the most famous and first Instagram link in the bio tool. It’s 100% free to use. Linktree allows you to create a personalized landing page to house your affiliate links, blogs, images, videos, web pages, product pages, and many more. It has email integrations with Mailchimp. Moreover, it integrates with Facebook pixel and Goggle analytics. 

Unfortunately, it’s unable to provide branded or custom domains. Due to this, Instagram is marking Linktree’s links as spam. Due to this, many users have stopped using Linktree. This has made users look for Linktree alternatives, such as LinkBook, Shorby, Link. Bio, Tap.Bio, and more. 


If we come to the LinkBook bio tool, it’s superb. LinkBook is 100% free for individuals. It allows you to create a landing page in under one minute. This bio tool offers premium features without any cost. In LinkBook, you will get the following features;

  • Email integrations with Mailchimpa
  • It’s integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  • It provides custom domains
  • UTM parameters
  • Link scheduling and animated links feature
  • In-depth statistics


This is considered one of the best Linktree alternatives. It offers only paid versions, so you have to purchase one of its premium plans if you want to enjoy Shorby’s features. It allows you to create mobile-optimized micro landing pages or smart pages.

You can add multiple links, animated avatars, blog text, images, custom backgrounds, and more in smart pages. It also allows you to add messenger buttons to these pages. You’re your audience clicks on it; they will see a message box where they can quickly contact you. Sorby offers the following features;

  • Shorby provides custom backgrounds, fonts, and buttons
  • It includes link tracking and retargeting
  • Dynamic feeds
  • Attractive designs


Link in Bio is the only effective option through which you can promote your business and its content. However, you can also swipe up clickable links in Instagram stories if you have over 10000 followers. If you don’t have it, use the link in the bio feature and make sure to optimize it by the Instagram link in bio tools. 

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