Straw Hats Versus Leather Hats


The best hats for men with big heads are hats that not only fit well but look good on your head, too. There are two things that you should take into consideration in order to find the best hat for your head. The first thing to consider is the benefits that each material offers and the second thing is the style of hat that you’re looking for.

Benefits of Straw Hats

People have been making straw hats since the mid-1800s. There are many different types of straw that can be used for the construction of the hat. Each type of straw can be woven in different ways to adjust the style and function of the hat. Types of straw that may be used in your straw hat are golden wheat, toquilla palm, or seagrass.

There are many benefits to choosing a straw hat including:

  • Lightweight feeling
  • Offers ventilation
  • Blocks harmful sun rays
  • Can be shaped into many different styles
  • Natural color choices

When you shop for your straw hat, consider looking for one that has a removable sweatband. Make sure to measure your head according to the directions and size up if you’re unsure. Then, select a style that you like.

Straw Hat Styles

There are numerous straw hat styles to choose from. Many straw hat styles can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. When you look for a straw hat the most important thing you will want to do is to make sure that you feel comfortable in the style.

Popular styles of straw hats include fedoras, top hats, cowboy hats, gambler hats, Monaco hats, boxcar hats, and more. Whether your style is rugged or relaxed, swanky or comfortable, there is a straw hat that is sure to be your favorite accessory.

Benefits of Leather Hats

If you aren’t sold on a straw hat, a leather hat might be what you’re looking for. Like straw, leather hats are made from natural materials. Other benefits of leather hats include:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fading and signs of wear are stylish
  • Can be dyed in a wide variety of colors
  • Blocks the sun’s harmful rays

It is important to keep your leather hat dry and properly conditioned. When you do this you will make sure that it is protected and increase its longevity. Choose a style that fits your needs to enjoy your leather hat for years to come.

Leather Hats Styles

There are many leather hat styles to choose from. When you are looking to buy a leather hat, you should first decide if you want your hat to be purely functional or if it’s a statement piece.

An example of a more functional leather hat is a cowboy hat. A leather hat used to make a fashion statement could be a bucket hat, bookie cap, or outback hat. Other styles of leather hats are top hats, sun hats, trilby hats, baseball caps, and more.

If you are looking for style over function, you may choose to adorn your leather hat with a hatband. Types of hatbands include braided bands, bullet bands, chain bands, and bands with decorative metal charms.

The Best Hats for Men with Big Heads Final Verdict

The decision between choosing a straw hat or leather hat really comes down to the style, occasion, and color choice that you want. Both types of hats will help to protect you from the sun. Straw hats can be dressed up or dressed down whereas leather hats make great statement pieces. Whichever material you chose just make sure that you follow the hat fitting directions provided so that the hat will fit no matter the size of your head.

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