The basic rules of online dating safety

When you flirt with someone on a dating app, you inevitably reveal your personal information to a person you know only on the Web. In the best-case scenario, a stranger can take a screenshot of the picture you sent and try to find your profile on a social network. Still, if your conversationalist has bad intentions – it won’t end with no impact on your life. 

To keep your data safe when communicating through dating services – the basic rules from this article can help. You can follow them, chatting with Ukrainian women (brides) and with users from matchmaking apps for locals. 

Check your profiles on Instagram and Facebook

The most popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel have the same feature. Namely, they let you share your Facebook profile information. Until recently, some matchmaking apps even had a mandatory – login with a Facebook account! On the one hand, this initiative is beneficial. The fact you import data from your social network page gives you an additional level of protection. For instance, you can see your mutual friends with the person you met online. Therefore, it will be much safer to communicate with her (since you have joint acquaintances). Still, on the other hand – your Facebook profile may contain information that you do not want to immediately share with strangers. For example, where you work or where you studied. It’s just too personal, isn’t it?

Also, dating apps often allow you to download photos from your Instagram profile. It’s better not to do this. We will repeat – it enables the people you hardly know to find you on social networks. For many singles, such a point of trust can’t be achieved after a few chats. 

It’s better to communicate within one app

All dating apps have chats – and that’s great. In some of them, you cannot send photos or links – and that’s perfectly normal. Opportunities such as text messages, online gifs, and emojis are more than sufficient. Perhaps this functionality will seem limited to someone – but you will be safe, at least. You will definitely not be sent an unexpected porn photo, for example. It is better to communicate in only one app at a time until you meet with the conversationalist in real life.

There is no rush to pay

The majority of dating apps have a paid and a free version. But remember: if you haven’t spent money on a paid membership, this does not mean that you will not be able to find a dream partner. Most of the features with charge – for example, the ability to swipe to the right an unlimited number of times – are only needed by those who use the app very often. Is it your case?

Of course, if you find a convenient subscription option in an app that you really like, you can buy it. But if you have just started your search with such services, it is better to try different options and find a provider that suits you. It’s more reasonable than pouring money into the first one that opens at your Google request.

Delete the account, not the app

Did you finally manage to find your true love? Congratulations, we are very happy for you. It’s time to delete your account, then. Have you noticed: not just the dating app itself. That won’t be enough simply to uninstall the program. Contact the platform’s administration for further instructions, though. 

By the way, in some dating services, it is possible to hide your profile from other users for a while. Take advantage of this feature if you are not sure that your relationship will last long.

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