The Number One Reason You Should Hire a SAFETY CONSULTING COMPANY

As an organisation, you are burdened with many responsibilities, particularly regarding environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance. It’s challenging to stay on top of the intricate and constantly evolving OSHA, EPA, and state regulations while concurrently attempting to maintain a profitable business.

However, you don’t have to face these daunting challenges alone. The expertise of a safety consultant can assist you in navigating through the regulatory maze and determining your position within it. Moreover, engaging the services of a safety consultant is a more cost-effective solution than hiring a full-time EHS manager, as they bring specialised skills and knowledge to the table.

So why should you consider hiring safety and compliance companies for consulting? Here are some compelling reasons why a safety consultant could be the answer to your EHS compliance needs.

Building a Compliant Safety Program with the Help of Safety Consultants

Every organisation nationwide must provide a secure and healthy work environment for their employees. This includes identifying and mitigating all health and safety hazards while maintaining detailed records.

While larger companies may have the necessary resources and expertise to manage this responsibility, most small businesses struggle to keep up due to a lack of time, resources, and know-how.

This is where a safety consulting company can play a crucial role, benefiting companies of all sizes.

For larger companies with established safety programs, you may have an in-depth understanding of your program’s inner workings. You have built and maintained it to future-proof it and ensure compliance with regulations while fulfilling the responsibilities of those overseeing compliance.

However, sometimes, being too close to your safety program can make it challenging to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses objectively. Are there any redundancies? Where are the gaps? Can you enhance your safety procedures and workflow simultaneously?

It can be tough to answer these questions while being involved in implementing the program actively. Thus, a fresh perspective from a safety consultant can help spot minor flaws that could pose significant risks.

For smaller companies without an existing safety program, a safety consultant can help build and manage a comprehensive program efficiently, including training plans for employees’ health and safety.

The Importance of External Safety Consultants in Ensuring Compliance

An internal EHS team may possess the expertise and competency to create and execute a comprehensive safety program. However, they are still employees of the organisation and can be influenced by various internal factors that can impact compliance.

There have been instances where the EHS teams were influenced by the company’s past safety record, leading to whistleblowers reporting organisations altering reports to maintain a clean image. Moreover, internal safety teams often have personal objectives to meet, such as job retention or career advancement, which may affect their judgment.

You can access an impartial third party to review your safety program by contacting safety training consultants. These experts have no vested interest in the company’s internal politics and are solely focused on helping you comply with regulations, protect your employees, and avoid penalties. They bring their wealth of experience and innovative ideas without internal biases or motives.

Why Hiring a Safety Consultant is a Smart Investment for Your Business?

Safety consultants are professionals in the field of EHS who comprehensively evaluate your safety plan against OSHA safety training and regulations. Their unbiased and expert perspective allows them to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in your safety plan, which they then use to outline a path towards a safer and fully compliant workplace.

While working alongside your current EHS team, safety consultants conduct a consistent auditing process and present their findings to your organisation. They are adept at identifying small changes with varying degrees of severity that may have gone unnoticed by your internal team, potentially leading to injuries or fines.

Hiring a safety consultant should be a proactive step, not a reactive one. Waiting for an audit or failed OSHA inspection may result in too little too late. Instead, safety consultants should be brought in to evaluate significant changes in your process or help design safety systems from the ground up.

Furthermore, safety consultants can dedicate their full attention and energy to your safety program, unlike internal employees who may be bogged down with other projects.

It’s important to note that safety consultant service fees are tax-deductible business expenses, making it a wise investment for any company.

While it may seem counterintuitive, safety consultants can bring immense value to your internal team. They are not just box checkers but detail-oriented and big-picture thinkers with extensive knowledge of safety rules and regulations. Safety consultants have experience working with companies in your industry and have no allegiances to office politics. Their primary goal is to protect your workers and company from safety hazards.

Remember, safety is a team effort, and a safety consultant can be a valuable addition to your team, even if their involvement is only for a few days or weeks.


Hiring a safety consulting company can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries by assisting them in building and managing a comprehensive safety program that complies with OSHA and EPA regulations. So if you’re struggling to keep up with EHS compliance, consider hiring a safety consulting company to help you navigate the regulatory maze and protect your workers and company from safety hazards.

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