Things To Consider When Renovating Your Washroom


Getting your washrooms renovated once in a while can help you maintain the old home. Washrooms can get dirty and unhygienic after some time. You may notice molds growing on shower curtains, watermarks becoming permanent on the floor tiles, and plumbing pipes asking for repair more frequently. When these issues start to appear, you should consider a washroom renovation without any further due to avoid costly repairs. 

Washroom renovation is not that simple. You should consider some important things to make your new washroom more consistent with your needs while providing a luxurious touch to the house. Never consider shower remodels as an expense, it is rather an investment that increases the value of the house. 

Here is what you should consider when renovating your washroom. 

  1. Replace The Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can get very dirty with time. No matter how hard you try, some stains may never leave. Secondly, cleaning brushes do not reach the corners properly, you might notice dirt accumulating in these areas. Moreover, the cemented gap between the tiles can get dirty as well, giving a very unpleasant look. 

You can either buy expensive tile cleaners or you can just remodel the floor. Tile cleaners can only work for a while, secondly, they consume a lot of energy and time. Do not give yourself a hard time and change the floors. You can use the opportunity to give a new look to your washroom by changing the color and design of the tiles this time. 

  1. Change The Sanitaryware

Showerheads, faucets, and pipes can lose their efficiency with time. Since these items are in constant contact with water, salts and mineral deposits can make them dirty. You might have to struggle with the water pressure coming from the showerhead. This can make your shower time a stressful task, that should be relaxing otherwise. 

Stop struggling with your faucets and pipes, instead replace them with new designs. You can make your shower time fun and relaxing this way. 

  1. Fix Washroom Appliances

If you are living in areas where water can get chilly in the morning and night, then you might need an instant geyser in your washroom. Instant geysers are much more economical and easy to use.  You can switch them on half an hour before taking a bath, and switch them off once you are done with the shower. 

If you do not have an instant geyser, get it installed now. If you already have one, then care for its maintenance. Westinghouse Spare Parts and similar suppliers might have instant geyser spare parts in case you need to get them fixed. 

  1. Redesign The Sink Area

You will not feel true renovation until you change your sink area entirely. Spend time designing a new look for your washroom.

You can change the stained mirror and replace it with a new mirror with a different design. You can add potted plants and new accessories to your washroom. 

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