Understated Fashion: A Guide to Modest Style

Recent statistics show that modest style fashion is a tremendous market, valued at $277 billion. It’s a growing market for many important reasons, including opening doors to many possibilities.

Women can be beautiful and do not need to show much skin to prove it.

Modest fashion celebrates women around the globe, bringing them style, comfort, and confidence. If you want to embrace the world of modest style ideas, here are a few simple tips to help you achieve them.

What Is Modest Style Clothing?

When you hear the term “modest fashion,” it means wearing more covering. While many Muslim and traditional Christian women embrace dressing modestly, it can be challenging too. If you want to be feminine and not appear outdated or frumpy, yet still be modest, you find it’s a delicate balance.

It’s not just the religiously devout that are interested in modest fashion. More women are taking on this fashion trend outside the church and religious gatherings.

Now, here is some more good news. Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you must look like a “grandma.” Modest fashion is beautiful, polished, and chic, showing your true beauty covered up!

How to Style Modest Clothing

What will work best depends on your body type. You can look modestly fabulous in loose clothing for a woman with a small frame.

If you have a larger frame, baggy clothes could make you appear heavier than you are. In this case, you want something fitted. That doesn’t mean skin-tight, which is not a modest fashion style.

In a modest fashion, solid colors usually look better than busy patterns. It will appear more flattering. Further, linen and cotton fibers will flow better than synthetic fiber will.

Modest Style Ideas

You don’t need to sacrifice style to dress modestly. You can do both when you show your best features and cover yourself. Here are a few ways you can achieve that.

First, consider wearing a long dress or skirt that ends below your knees. You can still be feminine without sacrificing anything.

Plus, dresses with a waistline right below your bustline are perfect for keeping you covered up and accentuating your figure. A dress with an empire waist is an ideal example.

Experiment With Accessories

Less is more. Don’t overdo accessories. A stylish necklace or bracelet can be just enough to make your modest outfit glimmer.

Consider the colors of clothing that you wear most often and choose jewelry to match that. It is also a good idea to find pieces of jewelry that you can wear with any color. For fabulous modest fashion accessories, find more information here.

A scarf can make for a perfect accessory, too. There are many ways you can wear it. A scarf adds beauty around your neck, but it also can go over your head, adding a lot of color to your ensemble.

If you wear a fitted top, a scarf can also hide parts of your body. It can help with shirts that show too much skin around the neckline.

Be Aware of Your Neckline

The neckline of the shirt can tell a lot. The cut will determine how much skin you show. If you want to buy a V-neck shirt, how much skin you show depends on how wide it is. A plunging neckline can be too revealing too.

When you bend over to pick something up, you want to ensure that your chest is covered.

Pants can be modest, too. Consider the texture and the print. You can get highly creative with pants and still look fabulously covered up.

Modest Outfits

It’s about finding the right balance. Find out what works for you. Be comfortable, covered, and beautiful.

Choose a color palette that is complementary and flattering. The colors you choose can complement your skin and your face. Whether it is pastel shades or jewel tones, build your modest style clothing around the colors that bring out your best.

Use Layers

Even the “immodest” top can become tasteful when you add layers. An undershirt allows a shirt with large underarm gaps and plunging necklines to be modestly pretty. Camisoles are the perfect clothing for wearing under a sweater or dress of any color.

For a sleeveless top, add a cardigan or shrug. Not only are they tasteful, but they keep you warm. Cardigans can come in many lengths, styles, and colors.

Pair Fitted Clothes With Flowy Ones

For example, if you have a fitted shirt, you can pair it with a skirt that flows. Another way to combine this philosophy is with fitted pants and a loose, flowy shirt: either way, alternate one from the other.

Remember, the concept of “fitted” is not “tight.” Clothing that is tight clings to you. This outlines your figure.

“Fitted” can show the impression that you have a female body, but others cannot specifically identify what your body looks like.

Embracing Modest Style

Women around the world are embracing modest style. It is a way to be feminine without having to bare it all. With the right balance of loose clothing and accessories, letting others see your feminine beauty without seeing your outlines is easy.

With modest fashion, you can be beautiful. You can be colorful and chic. Today is a great day to start experimenting!

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