Upgrading Your University Style

Heading back to university is an experience filled with excitement and uncertainty. It’s not just your assignments and grades that you must worry about. The way you dress is important as well.

Believe it or not, your fashion choices during university life can have a great impact on making other men and women notice you.

Besides attracting the opposite sex, your dress choices also have a role to play in shaping your future. Also, dressing like an adult makes you act like an adult too.

New to the style game? This guide is your back. Let’s check out some cool and inspiring dressing tips for university-style:

1: Choose the Right Fit

The first rule of dressing like a pro is choosing clothes that fit you right whether it’s men’s khakis,a women’s blouse or any other ensemble.

Outfits with the right fit differentiate a well-dressed guy/girl from just another student wandering around the university campus.

If you are one of those who always struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly off the rack, then find a tailor nearby who can do low-cost alterations.

2: Go for Funky Socks

When you have to follow a dress code, and you can’t experiment with clothes and shoes, try a funky pair of socks. Even a slight color pop would do the trick.

Buy a handful of pairs and play around. For ladies: when the weather gets chilly, wear knee-high socks and pair them with riding boots with a perfectly chic appearance.

3: Buy a few Polo Tees

It doesn’t have to polo from designers like Ralph Lauren, simply buy polo T-shirts from Old Navy. Polo tees are recommended for men because of their close fit and collared necks. They are dressier than plain tees.

Whenever you wear a polo, make sure the collar is down. No, you aren’t going to attract anyone with a popped-up collar, my friend.  

4: Sweaters and Jackets

For Girls

A great way to add flair to your uniform is wearing a jacket or a sweater. If you are allowed to wear a layer, buy yourself a nice and cozy cardigan in a color that compliments your uniform. When it comes to jackets – military jackets, parka, and denim jackets are nice options.

For Guys

Guys spend most of their chilly days in sweatshirts. They look cool, no doubt but when you want to add a touch of class, there are other options out there as well like:

Polo Sweater: A knitted polo sweater can be worn on an undershirt. It’s warm, lightweight, and comes with a collar.

Cardigan: It could either be buttoned or zipped. These days, men’s cardigans come in lots of fabrics from wool, cotton to synthetic.

Turtleneck: Turtlenecks with close fittings are classic wear. You can even wear a sports jacket or a flannel shirt on top. It can also be worn on its own.

5: Jeans

Skinny jeans are in fashion but for a man who is moving into the professional world, your choice of denim should be dressier.

Dark-colored denim should be your go-to choose. In fact, dark denims are commonly accepted in most workplaces. Jeans are normally lasting so even if you buy one, this should do the work. Remember one rule, no matter what style of jeans you buy, they should be masculine and classic.

6: Use Accessories and Jewelry as Statement Pieces


A fun yet inexpensive way of styling without making your bank is to wear jewelry or accessories. You may gather girls on campus and make DIY jewelry pieces like earrings and bracelets. Or you can simply wear studs to add an instant spark to your everyday look.

For guys, a wristwatch is a statement piece that will impress any girl on campus.

7: Stay Groomed

Most men like to keep wearing a baseball cap because they are too lazy to get their hair cut. Don’t be like that. Hair is a key part of your look, so make sure you brush your hair and have them trimmed regularly. Keep shaving regularly. Make sure you know your options when it comes to shaving.

Ladies should stay on top of their grooming as well. The way you style your hair is going to make a huge difference in the way you look.

8: Backpack

To stand apart from the rest of the students, choose more than a basic backpack. Try a fun pattern backpack or a chic tote. Everyone will call you a guy or a girl with a cool person with a cool bag.

Final Words

Never fall into the trap of thinking that just because you are a student, you can’t dress in style. Some brands are offering affordable pieces.

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