5 Surprising Kratom Uses You May Not Know


Did you know that one of the first uses for kratom was to induce spiritual transcendence by Mithraic cults several thousand years ago? This was the first of many kratoms used in the following years. In fact, kratom is now hailed as a miracle drug for its healing properties.

While this might be surprising to you, to the inhabitants of southeast Asia, kratom use is commonplace. So, if you’re new to the kratom world and are wondering, “What is kratom used for?” read on for the top five kratom uses!

1. Promote Productivity

One of the main kratoms used is for productivity. Many cultures have engaged in daily kratom use to their workers focused and strong.

Kratom can enhance physical endurance, which makes it great for people working jobs that require a lot of manual labor. In addition, it helps you feel more alert and sociable. This can help you stay more focused during the workday.

2. Pain Relief

Kratom has several compounds that naturally occur in the plant. Each compound has different properties and effects on the body. One compound, mitragynine, is an effective, non-addictive, pain reliever.

Mitragynine works in a similar way to codeine and morphine, so it can block the pain receptors. This suggests that kratom offers relief for sufferers of chronic pain.

3. Opioid Withdrawal

Outspoken kratom advocates say that this plant acts as a life preserver for opioid addicts. Mitragynine, the pain relief compound, binds to the same receptors as opioids. However, it blocks the receptors and doesn’t cause physical dependence.

In this way, kratom can be used as a way to wean opioid addicts off of their substance of choice. They can use it to control their pain and make it through withdrawal without relapse.

4. Relief From Depression

Kratom has a powerful effect on depression and anxiety. As a natural mood enhancer, kratom can give you a subtle boost that can help get you out of bed. The property is one of the main reasons that many people are buying kratom in bulk.

Different strains of kratom have slightly different feelings associated with them. Some strains like maeng da kratom can give you a strong, sustained euphoria that lasts all day. Maeng da is one of the stronger strains, but there are also more subtle strains that can give you a slight boost without being overwhelming.

5. Regulate Digestive Function

Kratom has been used in traditional medicine for digestive health for many years. Teas brewed with kratom can prevent diarrhea and promote gut healing.

It can also help regulate appetite and promote weight loss.

Diverse and Effective Kratom Uses

The world is gradually learning what southeast Asia has known for centuries: kratom uses are varied and highly effective. Daily kratom use can improve your quality of life in many ways! With that in mind, it’s worth trying a few strains for yourself to experience the difference.

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