How Personalized Beard Oil BoxesAre Printed in 2021


How Personalized Beard Oil Boxes Are Printed in 2021

When it comes to branding and selling your beard oils, custom beard oil boxes are great. In addition, the packaging might help your goods stand out on crowded shelves. Beard oil boxes are used by almost every successful and start-up business.

Since they allow the business to engage with customers effectively. Without a salesman, beard oil packaging is the best method to interact with clients.

Benefits of Custom Beard Oil Boxes

Innovative and one of the best packing boxes assist to advertise your brand and give clients comprehensive product information. 

Few people realize that creating wholesale beard oil boxes takes a great deal of planning and effort. The boxes may be customized with the company’s emblem, as well as pictures and photos from your products, using printing techniques. 

Select the Best Printing for Your Box

You can use different printing processes to make these boxes. Each print process has its own set of benefits, and you may select the one that is best for you. Following are the best printing techniques that companies are using to generate high-quality and visually appealing containers.

1. Silkscreen Printing

If you want to make eye-catching beard oil packaging, silkscreen printing is the way to go. The silkscreen printing technology, also known as squeegee printing, gives the packaging a smooth and velvety appearance. 

  • We do it right on the boxes, and it doesn’t need a lot of equipment or machinery to complete the job. 
  • The painting process uses a mesh screen after we carved the boards into a box. 
  • The design stencil is kept on the screen and is used to print the needed design. 
  • Many box manufacturing businesses utilize silkscreen printing because it allows them to print in high quality. 
  • It can even print on irregularly shaped beard oil boxes.

Pros of Screen Printing

The silkscreen process is best in print on packaging surfaces such as cans and bottles. 

Silkscreen printing is a great option for promotional items. Using this printing process, you may effectively brand and sell your items. 

Artists and the fashion industry both utilize it frequently. Many brands may find this printing approach to be more expensive than other printing processes. It may not be appropriate for large-scale projects.

2. Flexographic Printing

Hence flexographic printing is one of the most widely used printing technologies, with a variety of companies using it. Flexographic printing allows you to produce beautiful and original artwork on your boxes. The printing on the custom beard oil boxes using the flexographic method is crisp and legible.

Printing on custom printed beard oil boxes is regularly done using this technology by Fast Custom Boxes. Printing on corrugated custom printed beard oil boxes is regularly done using this technology by Fast Custom Boxes

. We can guarantee you that the flexography approach is simple if you are unfamiliar with it. 

We print your design on the scale first, and then we print that design on the corrugated container automatically.

Technical Features

If you want flood coating or edge-to-edge printing, custom beard oils are suitable. This printing process employs a variety of processes. 

  • They’re mainly text-based and have only one or two colors. 
  • It is incredibly cost-effective
  • It is the best option for printing beard oil boxes in large quantities. 
  • This approach may not suit you if you want to print artwork on the wholesale boxes.
  • Many successful firms who want to use various colors in their wholesale beard oil boxes avoid employing this printing process. 
  • If you wish to include other colors, you’ll need more printing plates.
  • Which will raise the cost of the manufacturing.

3. Digital Printing

Most of the big brands are using the process of digital printing. If you’re in search of beard oil box printing near me, you’ll be happy to know that Fast Custom Boxes offer digital printing facilities at very low rates. 

An advantage over Off-Set Printing

  • Digital printing eliminates the need for plates or lamination by printing directly on beard oil packaging
  • You don’t even have to mix different colors to make a colorful box. 
  • This process takes advantage of the whole CMYK color spectrum and produces the final result quickly.

Draw Backs of Digital Printing

Digital printing has a number of drawbacks as well. If you utilize flood coating, your custom printed beard oil boxes may have defects and the colors may appear slightly wrong. There’s also a potential that the final beard oil box will include white lines. 

Ink can sometimes seep into the material, making your artwork seem unappealing. As a result, digital printing is only appropriate for limited runs. You can use it for strong and colorful patterns.

4. Lithography Printing

Beard oil box manufacturing firms also utilize lithographic printing as a printing process. Offset printing is another term for this method. Litho-lamination is difficult to master and behaves differently from other printing procedures. 

How does It work?

  • This process prints Beard oil boxes frequently. 
  • The process includes printing the design on a piece of paper. 
  • Following that, the machines trim the corrugated board to final box dimensions.

This printing process is great if you want to make custom printed beard oil boxes with intricate and high-resolution images.

Pros of Lithography Printing

Lithographic printing also provides you a lot of options for designing an eye-catching box. It also has a lot of freedom, as you may create a box with a broad range of pictures and colors. 

Cons of Lithography Printing

The greatest disadvantage of this box print process is that it is one of the most costly printing processes accessible if you want to reduce product costs. 

Box manufacturers use lithographic printing when they are creating boxes for high-profile businesses with large budgets.


Various printing technologies can assist you in creating one-of-a-kind and attractive Beard oil boxes. At Fast Custom Boxes, you can get all these printing techniques for your custom boxes. Moreover, our rates for printing custom wholesale boxes are also less than others. For More Details, You Can Head On To Our Home Page.

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