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Welcome to the New kareo emr .Before we get started on the tour of the platform, I just want to point out a few things. The layout here and the ease of use are driven by user scope and role so we’ve designed this so that information flows to the user versus the user having to search.

You’ll notice a sleek user interface design really concentrating on these things. The system should act and feel like the technology we use in our personal lives like Facebook and other social media apps now as we go along you’ll notice how we streamline the relationship between the front office and the back office staff making sure everyone in the practice is focused on the appropriate task at hand and creating a clear line of communication.

So let’s start the tour of our platform under Kareo’s main navigation. With any of our paid modules provider practices will access all of the front office functions they need. So starting with our agenda:

the agenda supports the need for an intuitive check-in check-out workflow with Kareo’s best practice features built right in. the front office can run individual and batch real-time eligibility checks when we confirm coverage upfront we can reduce back and rejections and denials you can also see outstanding balances,

collect those payments and co-pays upfront allowing the biller to quickly settle claims The front office can manage patients so that they eliminate extra data entry for the biller. The front office staff can manage to create the patient record and the account.

They can manage updating insurance cases, authorizations, credit cards on file, and patient alerts. The design is to keep the biller focused solely on managing the revenue cycle so that’s going to help get your practice paid faster we also include a robust calendar.

This way you can customize the scheduling functions to support multiple provider locations and ability even create custom appointment reasons in whatever color code and duration of time you want to those reasons and every provider on the Kareo platform receives the free online provider profile providers can manage this

profile to highlight specific information about themselves and their practice seventy-seven percent of patients are searching online for the next provider so having a profile like this will really help the practice shine online and if you enable the marketing module you can publish positive patient testimonials and allow patients to schedule online that’s going to bring in more business with really little to no effort we also have a secure way to

share documents keeping everything electronic organized at your fingertips this is going to reduce overall communications delay between the front office, staff in the back, and the biller along with the calendar the practice will receive full control over email phone and text message reminders this is going to contribute to reducing-

shows and with the marketing module that can enable patient re-care reminders and patient surveys we want to ensure those patients are happy and coming back in for those checkups again with little to no effort next I want to introduce you to our platform modules starting with a clinical

module kareo emr .is an easily integrated EHR function with features that eliminate duplicate data entry reduces paper and allow the provider to focus on patient care our full-featured EHR has a simple intuitive interface it makes writing notes finding information and navigating easy for providers will enjoy the ability to create custom templates and note types, use text shortcuts,

have the freedom to use dictation and quickly copy prior notes with our same-as-last-time (SALT)feature providers can also print health education materials, clinical summaries for patients and send e-fax referrals to outside providers clinical module includes e-

prescribing to help save time by eliminating phone calls to the pharmacy in addition providers can even enroll for prescribing controlled drugs. Providers will receive a drug-to-drug interaction alert if there are; any significant interactions with other drugs from the patient active medication list to prescribe a new drug or update in the active medication in the patient’s chart providers can quickly select drugs from their favorites list other features include the

ability to confirm the provider perform direct medication reconciliation in drug formulary checks now also included is e-labs so providers can now automate inefficient paper-based processes like ordering labs and retrieving the results recently we did a complete redo on the lab in studies we were receiving feedback

and we decided to then change it so now we are hearing that is a really intuitive process of providers and practices are really enjoying that now from the superbill provider can send charges directly to their biller with the integrated super-bills the provider simply just adds the

code from their list of favorites and submits that charge over to the biller in real-time out with Kareo we are certified for the2014 edition of the EHR Incentive program now light of MACRA announcement Kareo is working towards the 2015certification as well as the other

requirements outlined under this policy so we support the practice attesting by providing a dashboard making sure that everything’s on track informing you of any gaps and also have access to built-in learning resources now everything that we’re taking a look at here today is available on mobile so let’s take a look at the workflow here we have access to the same

calendar so we can make changes or just do what your schedule looks like for the day we have that same agenda for that check-in check out workflow and providers can access patient charts create their notes and even create the electronic superbill all from our mobile app so that really does become a powerful tool in the hands of the provider, ok so that’s anywhere

anytime access now the next module that I want to introduce you to is our billing module this is going to help office managers quickly analyze the health of the practice and oversee collections it will also provide the right amount of access for front office staff who need insight on patient collections this will free up the biller’s time so again they can be heads down in the

billing cycle without getting sidetracked this is going to help make sure communication and transparency is made easy within your practice the first function of this module is charges after sending electronic superbills the provider and office manager can confirm the biller is

reviewing charges and approving them within a timely manner so we’re being assured that there are no outstanding issues with those encounters as well now after those encounters are sent want to allow the office manager to track claims without having to ask the biller for

updates her status each time they can quickly find the claim that they’re looking for and track that claim within seconds with the same transparency into patient collections the office staff can review statements that are sent, quickly collect payments and access the account history we make collecting payments easy by emailing statement notices so patients can pay online and keep your credit cards conveniently on file here is our easy-to-read analytics sothis

the function is for reviewing really what matters most so ensuring the success of the practice patient visits, gross charges collections, and accounts receivable the office manager can stay ahead of the curve and keep providers focus on patient care, and now we can break down these metrics and filter through details and for more financial insight we have our subscriber reports these are the reports that are set up to be sent to the right user automatically on the set frequency

so instead of hunting for information imagine the right information flowing to the right user most systems really force you to run reports, but Kareo brings them to you, and now back to our mobile here’s that same analytics you so providers at the end of the day or the week after their attention is off caring for patients they can give your practice health a quick check-up on the go now last but not least is our marketing module this is to help practice and

providers shine online practice can now connect with more patients generating more business without the hassle of traditional marketing efforts that are usually really difficult to see the ROI on here the practice performance dashboard gives the practice a clear ROI you can directly see the impact of having a solution like

this has on the practice and also provide one central location to control patient communication and the practice online presence the practice can evaluate their online presence and fix any issues now so we won’t update inaccurate information that’s out there on the web through our online directory manager and finally, we want to be able to reach out to our patients on a broader scale we do that with patient broadcast this will help in situations with a provider needs to rescheduleupcom.

ing appointments for inclement weather or need to advertise your services for their upcoming patients now when using Kareo Platform you have secure messaging so among staff and patients using the patient portal having a secure HIPPA-compliant messaging system to keep all the communication directly in Kareoit instantly reduce phone calls and eliminate

time wasted going back and forth to resolve outstanding issues or questions within messages you can attach patient records and documents the communication is easy whether you’re following up on an open claims question or staff asking about the patient’s

bill it’s all right here in Kareo and even if you’re not in the office you can stay connected through the mobile app and that way you’ll always be connected and even get push notifications on your iPhone that there’s a new message and with Kareo Billing there’s no better software to support your in-office and in-house billing process so our desktop

the application gives the biller all the powerful tools that you need to improve and manage collections, quickly process claims electronically, track and set up follow updates, stay on top of your A/R with features designed to really maximize collections we center the billing cycle

around our to-do list taking the guesswork out of your day ensuring that no claim is left behind, we also make tracking billing and capturing financials really easy with our robust reporting, and would Kareowe have implementation training and support covered for the

the entire practice we’re really here now to help in more ways keeping everyone on the platform

successful so with our platform you really want to make sure again keeping your practice on rails and allowing you to stay focused on patients.

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