The Most Popular Types of Chiropractic Tools and Equipment, Explained


Are you one of the millions of people who struggle with back pain on a daily basis?

It’s estimated that around 8% of Americans, that’s 16 million people, experience chronic back pain. Thankfully, many people find that chiropractic treatments can give them much-needed relief.

Are you a little unsure of what to expect if you visit the chiropractor? We’re going to take you on a tour of the most popular types of chiropractic tools and equipment.

Read on to learn more about the tools of the trade!

TENS Machine

A TENS machine uses small pads attached to the skin to send a mild electrical current into the muscles.

These electrical impulses work by reducing the pain signals that your nerves send to the spinal cord and brain. This can help to reduce pain and help the surrounding muscles to relax. This can help your body to recover.

A chiropractor will usually use this machine at the beginning of the treatment session. By reducing pain and relaxing the muscles, they can more easily complete their treatment.

A TENS machine is not painful, but it does create a mild sensation on the skin. Some people liken this to having a rubber band flicked onto the skin. The chiropractor can adjust the level to one comfortable for you.

Chiropractic Tables

A table is a table, right? Not for a chiropractor.

They use different tables or adjustable tables to perform different treatments. These include elevation tables, hi-lo tables, and decompression tables.

By holding your body in certain positions, they can work more easily on different parts of the body.

Activator Device

Chiropractors use manipulation of the neck, spine, and other parts of the skeletal system to treat pain.

Sometimes, as part of this service, they may use an activator device.

This piece of chiropractic equipment delivers a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to a particular area. It has the advantage of being delivered so fast, the muscles cannot tense up.

Ultrasound Machine

We may associate ultrasound with scanning, such as during pregnancy. However, it also has therapeutic uses and is one of the most common tools chiropractors use.

Ultrasound therapy is one of the best chiropractic tools. It helps to stimulate blood flow. This can help to reduce inflammation, relax tissues, and even break down scar tissues.

Impulse Adjuster

One of the most modern types of chiropractic tools available is the impulse adjusting instrument.

Tools and equipment for chiropractors focus on two things:

  • Preparing the nerves/muscles before treatment
  • Delivering carefully targeted manipulation to the joints

The impulse adjuster allows the chiropractor to deliver adjustments at the right level to exactly where they are needed.

The Most Important Chiropractic Tools and Equipment

Have you enjoyed our run-down of the most common chiropractic tools and equipment? We hope it’s helped you feel more confident about visiting the chiropractor. However, the most important and best chiropractic tools are the chiropractor’s hands.

Chiropractors have extensive training in using their hands to manipulate the spine. These small adjustments can make a huge difference to your level of comfort.

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